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Using facebook is so simple that you just have to remember your password and facebook is yours!

Facebook addiction is more than drug addiction and the advantage of it, it is not injurious to health 😀

Some of you using facebook since 9-10 years, and its like you’re little bored with it. Some others, since 4-5 years and some others since yesterday. No matter, when you started using facebook, you can earn from it.

Yes, not from facebook but from facebook page, you can earn $1 to $unlimited. I think its cool because its all about your interest among facebook and earn money.

How you can earn from facebook page?

Earning from facebook page is not difficult if you have a nice traffic on your page i.e “likes”.
If you’re reading this post then actually you have a facebook page and getting know how we can earn?

How much likes you got on your pages is all depends upon you. I can just tell you earn from it if you have enough likes. Let takes an example :

Suppose, if you have a facebook page with 10,00,000 likes and your every post always got 5 or 6 thousand likes on it then this post is totally for you.

There are a lot of companies from you can earn a lot of money by putting their product ads on your facebook page. If someone clicks or buy that product, you’re in earning!

Some of websites listed below which provide their own affliate programs to let you earn :


If you’re not getting that what i am telling then you can open up this websites and you’ll got my point. As i said, earning money from your facebook page is not difficult but there is only requirement that you must have a lot of fans of your page.

Check more about “earning from facebook page” on google. Read all posts about it. Give your little time to the google. And you’ll surely get the point.