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No doubt smoking is very injurious to health but it can burn bad memories you’re getting from your past. Smoking can burn your lungs but bad memories too. I’ve an experiance of that so i thought to share this with everyone around my blog.

How it works?

When you’re frustrated with the memories running in your mind, when a lot of bad things running in your mind and making your mind little damage with this shitty memories, then smoking cigarette at the same time will burn those memories a little bit. Smokers mostly smoke when they’re frustrated with the things. And this is the reason they smoke.

Well, I am not telling you to smoke when you’re in trouble with the past. Only i want to share this fact about the cigarette that what it can do with your mind and lungs too.

My last post was about not to smoke because it will damage your body system. Anyways, telling a fact is not injurious to health 😉

I smoke cigarette when I am frustrated with my past problems but i cannot let cigarette make my habbit because I have control on myself. I’ve tried this fact on myself and it worked on me.

One more fact about cigarette

Smoking a cigarette let your mind think something technical. Cigarette refreshes your mind for a while and you can think new ideas about something you’re interested in.

Anyways, i’ve told you in the last post that eat banana instead of smoking. It will also helps you a lot getting out of frustration. But no doubt, smoking do it faster.

For non-smokers, If you can handle your frustration without cigarette smoking, then it is good for you.

For smokers, if you cannot handle your frustration without cigarette then try to handle it.

No smoking, it’s just a fact that I’m talking 🙂