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Why you smoke a cigarette? Does it give you rest?

Well, Cigarette smoke can knock your heart and ask for attack. Smoking cigarette will make your body like a horror skull.

If you smoke cigarette to crash frustration from your mind then you can eat banana. It will give you relief as well as little power to your body.

Disadvantages of cigarette :

Smoking a cigarette make you feel like regret one day, when you’re finished with your fresh body. It will burn your lungs with its shitty tobacco.

Smoking a cigarette will convert your red lips to the black one. Check your lips right now if you smoke and see the mixed red-black blood inside your lips.

Smoking a cigarette will not going to make you fresh. Actualy, Cigarette make you feel like a dumb person. Smoking cigarette will burn your sense of humor.
If not now, then one day, surely!

Tobacco used in the cigarette mixup with your body blood. That is why you don’t have a shining face.
Because you smoke !

They were the least disadvantages of cigarette smoking.There are many other disadvantages of smoking. Sorry for not typing the advantages of smoking. because it don’t have !

If you’re in a habbit with cigarette smoke, try to smoke less cigarette a day. May be one or two. And believe me, if you make some effort to quit smoking, it will work for sure. I’m the one who quit smoking and now i feel more fresh than the persons who smoke.

Some of you smoke cigarette for showing off in front of guys and girls. Keep in mind always, having a cigarette in hand going to make you fool instead of cool. Teach yourself not to smoke from today, from now!

If you want to give rest to your mind then i think banana is not so costly if you can buy a cigarette pack 😉