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There are a lot of craziest and risky ways to be rich quickly. However, there are some illegal ways but if you don’t care, then go for it.

Firstly, I’m not motivating you to use these type of ways. These ideas for someone who can do it. If you don’t know anything about it or you have a fear of police, stay away from it!

7 quickest way to be rich –

#1 Bank Robbery :

Rob a bank if you’re daring! Stop watching fast & furious 5 that how they had survived robbing $10 millions. If you think you can chase them and you’ve no fear of cops, then try it. This is a totally risky way to be rich, may be you get caught may be not 😀

#2 Marry A Rich Girl :

If you think you’re too smart to marry the daughter of bill gates, then who can stops you to be rich? Okay, If no “bill gates” , then any other rich father can give you his daughter if he thinks you’re too worth for her. It is not risky, it is not illegal, but you cannot try a rich girl unless you’re a cute eagle 😀

#3 Leak Exams :

If you have the capability to leak exams of universities, then it can make you rich quickly. It is illegal and it needs smartness. You cannot try it unless you don’t know any of university member who can help you and who is corrupted just like you 😀 don’t mind, I am too 😀

#4 Be A Smuggler :

One of the most popular illegal platform to be rich quickly. Smartness needs in this type of work. If you’re too smart to import and export some illegal things without the permission of government, then it can give you huge money. But as i told you, it is illegal and if you got caught smuggling things, cops will beat you like hell 😀

#5 Betting :

It is also a illegal platform to be rich. It is a platform where you can be a millionaire in just one day,  billionaire in just 10 days. But if you’re not perfect in betting, then you can be a begger too in just one hour. Cricket betting is the most popular, million of peoples daily bet on cricket hoping win but sometime they just wishes to win 😀

#6 Buy Lotteries :

It depends upon your luck. You can buy thousands of lottery numbers, but if you don’t have luck, this is a waste. It is not an illegal to buy lottery numbers, but if you win, you’ll be rich quickly. And if you lose, there is not so much investment  so don’t worry. Try finding your luck everywhere 🙂

#7 Try Casino :

Like betting, It is also a platform which can be used to be rich in just one hour. As i said above, it is also dependent upon your luck, if you win in casino, then million of dollers are yours. But if you lose, some of your dollers earned by casino owner 😉
That what their business is all about 😀

Well, they were the quickest ways to be rich, but risky, you can destroy your life in this fields but your luck can destroy your financial problems too 😉

Try your luck everywhere. Be a dare 🙂