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There are a lot of things happens just in seconds. Some of them are horrible like road accident,suicide etc and some of them are amazing like a baby birth πŸ™‚

Take a look at the 7 things because they are happening now !

#1 Road Accident : Its a horrible thing ever! For the listeners and for the persons facing it. Generally, There are around 1,100 Road Accidents happens just in a second in the whole world. Its like these accidents are evergreen. Sad but Cannot stop it.

#2 Heart Attack : Generally, heart attacks comes from heart, Ofcourse πŸ˜€ smoking ciggrette, drinking, marijuana smoke etc. They all are the main reasons for the heart decisions. Approximately, 2,300 heart attacks occurs in a second. Your heart is going to the attack session if smoking is your passion. So beware of the kind of things. They’re totally waste!

#3 Murders : I didn’t searched about how much killers takes birth in a second but i searched about how much murders they done in a second. Near 1,200 peoples got murdered in every second. Its horrible too, government should ban weapons so murders in just a seconds make a less record beacuse it cannot be totally stopped!

#4 Rape : Approx, 900 girls got raped in a second (starts attack). How horrible it is! How much rapists are there. They should be hanged till death. But no, the more the law is weak against rapists, the more they will rape !

#5 Babies : Around 8,700 birth of babies in a second. Its like, earth is a blog & there is 8,700 daily new visitors πŸ˜€
Well, its the case of happiness, babies brings hapiness to some of them related.

#6 Suicide : Some of them has study issues, some of them has relationship issue, some of them suffering from financial problems.
How much they are ?
It’s near around 3,300 peoples who commit suicide with any of above guide. Why? Its not a big deal, if they has some problems in thier life, suicide is not a solution! Well, No one going to understand it. They are on the way where they want to stay!

#7 Breakups : Cute thing? No, sometime it’s serious too. Serious relationships, if got breakup, then suicide can be part of that. Yes, A lot of dumbs commit suicide because there relationship is broken up. Over 10,000 relations got break in one second. I’m confused wheather girls are more cruel or the boys :p