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If you are new to blogging & don’t know how you can start blogging then, this is the right place for you!

There are many websites on the internet that provides a blogging track with their different-2 benefits. Most of internet users choose the platform which i’m going to tell you below –

The most popular blogging platforms are described as :-

#1 wordpress : 53% peoples use wordpress to make a blog. If you want to signup on wordpress click here

#2 blogger: Another most popular platform is blogger at blogspot. 33% peoples use blogger to make a blog. If you want to signup on blogger click here

They both are the most using blogging platform. Remaining 5 platforms are not much used by peoples but we have the percentage over website using as a blogging. See below :-

#3 tumblr : 5% peoples use tumblr as a blogging platform. For signup click here

#4 joomla : 3% peoples use joomla as a blogging platform. Signup here to make a blog on joomla click here

#5 blog.com : 3% peoples use blog.com as a blogging platform. Build your blog on blog.com click here

#6 jux.com : jux.com is used by 2% peoples in the whole world. To build a blog on jux.com click here

#7 typepad.com : Only 1% use of Typepad.com by internet users. To build a blog on typepad click here

Well, they were all the popular blogging platforms. There are so many other blogging platforms but are not getting enough users to get only 1% use.

As, I’m a blogger at wordpress because it is one of the most used blogging platform so here is a suggestion from me to go for wordpress.com & start your own blog.

Good luck!