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All of us always search on internet that, “how to earn from internet”,how to earn from home”,how to get home-based jobs etc.

I also searched a lot to earn money from internet. Because its awesome that we are in blanket having cup of tea in hand and earning from our laptop 😉

Some of you thinking, it’s not possible.
Right? Wrong!

Well, its true! You can earn by internet because there are some genuine ideas from where you can be a solopreneur on the internet.

Thousand of websites says, “You can earn from our site”, they really pay?

No, they just want traffic on their website & they wanna earn from you. Not you going to earn from them 😉

Now take a look at the 7 ideas where you can earn on internet.

#1 blogging :

Well, blogging is entertainment for someone who loves it. And if you love blogging and following all the rules and conditions, then no one can stop you to earn an unconditional money through blogging. If you have any of knowledge about something that can help others on internet, then start a blog based on it. There are a lot of blogging platforms where you can build your own blog. Two of them are most popular wordpress & blogger.

#2 Facebook :

Excited? Yes, you’re!

Because you are a professional facebooker and knows everything about facebook. And you’re thinking, “if we can earn through facebook, then it must be easy as log in to facebook” 😉
Yeah it is, You can earn from facebook by creating a page in your facebook ID and by selling that page. If you already has a page with more than 100k likes or even less than that and you’re not posting anything by lack of interest, sell it to other and earn money. There are many craziest peoples on internet who will buy your facebook page happily. You can sell facebook page at ebay or can put your page on different forums with a selling description and price of it.

#3 Sell blog :

Another way of earning money from internet is selling your blog. If you’re a professional blogger and earning through it, then no need to sell it, because you’re already earning 😉
But if you started a blog since 2 or 3 months/years ago & you lost the interest of posting articles! Okay then don’t post, sell it. Sell it at ebay or post it at forums like digital forums.

#4 buy domain,sell domain :

It’s just like a business because in this way of earning, you have to invest some bucks to earn some bucks. For example  you buys a car worth $10,000 and selling it at $12,000. Profit $2000. Here we go, Same in the domain system. You can buy a domain from any of domain hosting website like Godaddy,bigrock or bluehost and sell it to others at ebay or some forums like digital forums.

#5 iwriter :

Do you love writing articles?

If yes, then this for you. iwriter is a website where you can write article on their given topics. They will pay you for your article if content is qualitative!!

If you’re professional in writing, then make $2-$3 per article at iwriter.

#6 Ads :

Yeah, limitless earning can only come from ads on your blog,website or facebook page. If you don’t know how to blogging or how to run a website then don’t worry because i know you can have a facebook page worth 100k likes.
If you have such page, put ads on it. You can signup for affliate programs of many websites like godaddy,bluehost etc. Or can take ads from adbrite,bidvertiser, clicksor and many others.
They will pay you for each & every click on their ads came from your blog or fb page.

#7 Virtualbee:

virtualbee is a website who provides data entry works. If you’re really good in typewriting and you’ve a speed in typing then signup for virtualbee. They will pay you a nice income if you work for them. One of the genuine website i’ve ever seen!

So, They were the cool ideas of making money on internet. It is neither easy nor difficult to earn from internet.

All the best, have a good day!