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There are 1000’s kinds of things in the world. May be you’re expert in just one thing and you want to share that thing with the peoples on internet, through blog. Ofcourse, with your own views shared on your blog will let you earn money through blog.

Apart from it, I’m sharing 7 types of more popular blogs you can make to earn money if the content is 100% of yours unlike copied content.

#1 Technology : Technology based blogs are running at a popular track since blogging started their way on internet. Ofcourse, its an evergreen blog to gain traffic fastely on your blog.

#2 Tutorial : If you’re expert or professional in any of studios subject like science, networking, programming etc. Then you can start your tutorial on blogs so peoples can learn through your blog. And it can gain more & more traffic because sharing your knowledge is not a crime 😉

#3 Internet Tricks : If you know some internet tricks about the websites,blogs or the games and you know kind of programming codes then its worth for you and the internet users for sure! Making your own idea or trick about products will give you millions of dollers. Surely!

#4 Story : Story based blogs are the ever-green. You can’t run from making a blog if you can write a better and understandable stories & share with the millions of peoples on internet.

#5 comparison : Mobile comparison, cars comparison & other so many kind of comparison on the blog can draw a nice traffic on your blog. But post it in your own experiance about the product of you know well about that. Copied from other websites will not give you money 😉

#6 Entertainment : Its awesome for you and the peoples if you’re a funny person! Like, funny peoples has the capability to make a joke or a thought or a funny reply to the questions. If you think you’re a more funniest person & peoples will laugh at your jokes,
then make a blog !

#7 Poll : If you’re a confused person and 1000’s of questions are running in your mind. Then ask your doubts from peoples on internet by making a blog of your own & starting a poll section in the blog. Many peoples are very intetested in answering the question if they know the answer. Will bring you traffic surely if the question is sensitive 😉

Some of blogs are of your kind!
Right? Hmm !

Make sure, Your content is unique and qualitative if you seriously want to earn through a blog!