Smoking can burn bad memories


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No doubt smoking is very injurious to health but it can burn bad memories you’re getting from your past. Smoking can burn your lungs but bad memories too. I’ve an experiance of that so i thought to share this with everyone around my blog.

How it works?

When you’re frustrated with the memories running in your mind, when a lot of bad things running in your mind and making your mind little damage with this shitty memories, then smoking cigarette at the same time will burn those memories a little bit. Smokers mostly smoke when they’re frustrated with the things. And this is the reason they smoke.

Well, I am not telling you to smoke when you’re in trouble with the past. Only i want to share this fact about the cigarette that what it can do with your mind and lungs too.

My last post was about not to smoke because it will damage your body system. Anyways, telling a fact is not injurious to health 😉

I smoke cigarette when I am frustrated with my past problems but i cannot let cigarette make my habbit because I have control on myself. I’ve tried this fact on myself and it worked on me.

One more fact about cigarette

Smoking a cigarette let your mind think something technical. Cigarette refreshes your mind for a while and you can think new ideas about something you’re interested in.

Anyways, i’ve told you in the last post that eat banana instead of smoking. It will also helps you a lot getting out of frustration. But no doubt, smoking do it faster.

For non-smokers, If you can handle your frustration without cigarette smoking, then it is good for you.

For smokers, if you cannot handle your frustration without cigarette then try to handle it.

No smoking, it’s just a fact that I’m talking 🙂

Disadvantages of cigarette smoking


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Why you smoke a cigarette? Does it give you rest?

Well, Cigarette smoke can knock your heart and ask for attack. Smoking cigarette will make your body like a horror skull.

If you smoke cigarette to crash frustration from your mind then you can eat banana. It will give you relief as well as little power to your body.

Disadvantages of cigarette :

Smoking a cigarette make you feel like regret one day, when you’re finished with your fresh body. It will burn your lungs with its shitty tobacco.

Smoking a cigarette will convert your red lips to the black one. Check your lips right now if you smoke and see the mixed red-black blood inside your lips.

Smoking a cigarette will not going to make you fresh. Actualy, Cigarette make you feel like a dumb person. Smoking cigarette will burn your sense of humor.
If not now, then one day, surely!

Tobacco used in the cigarette mixup with your body blood. That is why you don’t have a shining face.
Because you smoke !

They were the least disadvantages of cigarette smoking.There are many other disadvantages of smoking. Sorry for not typing the advantages of smoking. because it don’t have !

If you’re in a habbit with cigarette smoke, try to smoke less cigarette a day. May be one or two. And believe me, if you make some effort to quit smoking, it will work for sure. I’m the one who quit smoking and now i feel more fresh than the persons who smoke.

Some of you smoke cigarette for showing off in front of guys and girls. Keep in mind always, having a cigarette in hand going to make you fool instead of cool. Teach yourself not to smoke from today, from now!

If you want to give rest to your mind then i think banana is not so costly if you can buy a cigarette pack 😉

7 Ways to be rich quickly


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There are a lot of craziest and risky ways to be rich quickly. However, there are some illegal ways but if you don’t care, then go for it.

Firstly, I’m not motivating you to use these type of ways. These ideas for someone who can do it. If you don’t know anything about it or you have a fear of police, stay away from it!

7 quickest way to be rich –

#1 Bank Robbery :

Rob a bank if you’re daring! Stop watching fast & furious 5 that how they had survived robbing $10 millions. If you think you can chase them and you’ve no fear of cops, then try it. This is a totally risky way to be rich, may be you get caught may be not 😀

#2 Marry A Rich Girl :

If you think you’re too smart to marry the daughter of bill gates, then who can stops you to be rich? Okay, If no “bill gates” , then any other rich father can give you his daughter if he thinks you’re too worth for her. It is not risky, it is not illegal, but you cannot try a rich girl unless you’re a cute eagle 😀

#3 Leak Exams :

If you have the capability to leak exams of universities, then it can make you rich quickly. It is illegal and it needs smartness. You cannot try it unless you don’t know any of university member who can help you and who is corrupted just like you 😀 don’t mind, I am too 😀

#4 Be A Smuggler :

One of the most popular illegal platform to be rich quickly. Smartness needs in this type of work. If you’re too smart to import and export some illegal things without the permission of government, then it can give you huge money. But as i told you, it is illegal and if you got caught smuggling things, cops will beat you like hell 😀

#5 Betting :

It is also a illegal platform to be rich. It is a platform where you can be a millionaire in just one day,  billionaire in just 10 days. But if you’re not perfect in betting, then you can be a begger too in just one hour. Cricket betting is the most popular, million of peoples daily bet on cricket hoping win but sometime they just wishes to win 😀

#6 Buy Lotteries :

It depends upon your luck. You can buy thousands of lottery numbers, but if you don’t have luck, this is a waste. It is not an illegal to buy lottery numbers, but if you win, you’ll be rich quickly. And if you lose, there is not so much investment  so don’t worry. Try finding your luck everywhere 🙂

#7 Try Casino :

Like betting, It is also a platform which can be used to be rich in just one hour. As i said above, it is also dependent upon your luck, if you win in casino, then million of dollers are yours. But if you lose, some of your dollers earned by casino owner 😉
That what their business is all about 😀

Well, they were the quickest ways to be rich, but risky, you can destroy your life in this fields but your luck can destroy your financial problems too 😉

Try your luck everywhere. Be a dare 🙂

What type of business you can start? – 7types


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Here is a list of 7 huge business that you can start for your perfect life. What matters in a business is “profit”. The much profit, the more will you earn, the more you earn, there’s a lot to learn.

Here’s the 7 types of businesses 🙂

#1 Property dealing :

It is a business that can be build easily if you have a lot of information in this field. No technical skills, Not much hard work. You must have some houses or yards that you can buy and sell to others with a big profit. For example- If you buy a house pricing $30,000, then you can sell it with a profit like $4,000-$5,000 i.e you can sell that house pricing $35,000. It’s a cool business to start. Once you start and got an experiance, you’re living a perfect life!

#2 Website :

Another business to earn huge money is a website. Technical skills are not necessory, but hard work is there. And what you have in this field is your own idea. Like, what to start in a website? what type of content i can add to build traffic? Hmm, if you have an idea that you sure peoples will enjoy your website, then build a website because it is a business in which earning never stops. You can start earning $1 from your website and improve it with $1,00,000 in couple of months or year, depends upon you. Read everything related  to start a website by searching on google.

#3 Electronic business :

Electronic business is a business that needs an active mind. Impressing customers to buy from them need a kind of mind 😉 If you want to start a huge business and you can invest a lot of money building your own electronic bussiness, then one day it’ll be a diamond store for you. Electronic business means having a store of Mobiles, Tv’s Washing Machines, fridges and others that you can sell to peoples with high profit.

#4 Tutorial :

This is a business where you don’t have to invest anything and can earn a lot of from it. You must have 100% knowledge of any of the subject you love. For example: If you are good in maths, then start a tution centre in your house or other places you like. It can give you a lot of money if your teaching style is understandable to students 😉 Start today, tell your friends and others about it so they can deliver their childrens to you with your tution fee 😉

#5 Hand to Hand Selling :

It’s a super cool business if you can do it. It is a business where you have to buy a second hand vehicle like car having a price of $15,000 then you wish to sell it with a profit of $3000-$4000 i.e $20,000. Don’t worry, it’s not an illegal business if you have all the legal papers of that vehicle. It can be full time or part time business that’s upon you to run it.
Hard work? No, even only imagination can tell everything that it’s an easy task to earn money. 

#6 Gym Centre :

Don’t worry if you’re not a body builder or you never go to Gym Club. But you can start a Gym Centre as a business. But it depends upon your financial budget. If you can invest huge to start your own Gym, then you can earn huge from it. Quality machines are costly so you must have to invest first to earn from it. It can be your side business too, because you do not have to work in this business. Its like a home-based business.

#7 Jewellry Store :

Well, investing is necessory for such a business but it’s a business that can make you rich one day. You cannot beat jewellry store in a matter of profit. It needs higher investing once, after that you can earn a lot from this business field. It’s such a unique business to start.

They all are the top businesses that can beat any other business in matter of profits. If you’re not doing anything and want to start a business, then do not bother your parents 😉
Start a business!

7 types – What can happen in one second?


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There are a lot of things happens just in seconds. Some of them are horrible like road accident,suicide etc and some of them are amazing like a baby birth 🙂

Take a look at the 7 things because they are happening now !

#1 Road Accident : Its a horrible thing ever! For the listeners and for the persons facing it. Generally, There are around 1,100 Road Accidents happens just in a second in the whole world. Its like these accidents are evergreen. Sad but Cannot stop it.

#2 Heart Attack : Generally, heart attacks comes from heart, Ofcourse 😀 smoking ciggrette, drinking, marijuana smoke etc. They all are the main reasons for the heart decisions. Approximately, 2,300 heart attacks occurs in a second. Your heart is going to the attack session if smoking is your passion. So beware of the kind of things. They’re totally waste!

#3 Murders : I didn’t searched about how much killers takes birth in a second but i searched about how much murders they done in a second. Near 1,200 peoples got murdered in every second. Its horrible too, government should ban weapons so murders in just a seconds make a less record beacuse it cannot be totally stopped!

#4 Rape : Approx, 900 girls got raped in a second (starts attack). How horrible it is! How much rapists are there. They should be hanged till death. But no, the more the law is weak against rapists, the more they will rape !

#5 Babies : Around 8,700 birth of babies in a second. Its like, earth is a blog & there is 8,700 daily new visitors 😀
Well, its the case of happiness, babies brings hapiness to some of them related.

#6 Suicide : Some of them has study issues, some of them has relationship issue, some of them suffering from financial problems.
How much they are ?
It’s near around 3,300 peoples who commit suicide with any of above guide. Why? Its not a big deal, if they has some problems in thier life, suicide is not a solution! Well, No one going to understand it. They are on the way where they want to stay!

#7 Breakups : Cute thing? No, sometime it’s serious too. Serious relationships, if got breakup, then suicide can be part of that. Yes, A lot of dumbs commit suicide because there relationship is broken up. Over 10,000 relations got break in one second. I’m confused wheather girls are more cruel or the boys :p

Start your own blog :7 types of blogging platform


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If you are new to blogging & don’t know how you can start blogging then, this is the right place for you!

There are many websites on the internet that provides a blogging track with their different-2 benefits. Most of internet users choose the platform which i’m going to tell you below –

The most popular blogging platforms are described as :-

#1 wordpress : 53% peoples use wordpress to make a blog. If you want to signup on wordpress click here

#2 blogger: Another most popular platform is blogger at blogspot. 33% peoples use blogger to make a blog. If you want to signup on blogger click here

They both are the most using blogging platform. Remaining 5 platforms are not much used by peoples but we have the percentage over website using as a blogging. See below :-

#3 tumblr : 5% peoples use tumblr as a blogging platform. For signup click here

#4 joomla : 3% peoples use joomla as a blogging platform. Signup here to make a blog on joomla click here

#5 : 3% peoples use as a blogging platform. Build your blog on click here

#6 : is used by 2% peoples in the whole world. To build a blog on click here

#7 : Only 1% use of by internet users. To build a blog on typepad click here

Well, they were all the popular blogging platforms. There are so many other blogging platforms but are not getting enough users to get only 1% use.

As, I’m a blogger at wordpress because it is one of the most used blogging platform so here is a suggestion from me to go for & start your own blog.

Good luck!

7 types of blogs you can start!


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There are 1000’s kinds of things in the world. May be you’re expert in just one thing and you want to share that thing with the peoples on internet, through blog. Ofcourse, with your own views shared on your blog will let you earn money through blog.

Apart from it, I’m sharing 7 types of more popular blogs you can make to earn money if the content is 100% of yours unlike copied content.

#1 Technology : Technology based blogs are running at a popular track since blogging started their way on internet. Ofcourse, its an evergreen blog to gain traffic fastely on your blog.

#2 Tutorial : If you’re expert or professional in any of studios subject like science, networking, programming etc. Then you can start your tutorial on blogs so peoples can learn through your blog. And it can gain more & more traffic because sharing your knowledge is not a crime 😉

#3 Internet Tricks : If you know some internet tricks about the websites,blogs or the games and you know kind of programming codes then its worth for you and the internet users for sure! Making your own idea or trick about products will give you millions of dollers. Surely!

#4 Story : Story based blogs are the ever-green. You can’t run from making a blog if you can write a better and understandable stories & share with the millions of peoples on internet.

#5 comparison : Mobile comparison, cars comparison & other so many kind of comparison on the blog can draw a nice traffic on your blog. But post it in your own experiance about the product of you know well about that. Copied from other websites will not give you money 😉

#6 Entertainment : Its awesome for you and the peoples if you’re a funny person! Like, funny peoples has the capability to make a joke or a thought or a funny reply to the questions. If you think you’re a more funniest person & peoples will laugh at your jokes,
then make a blog !

#7 Poll : If you’re a confused person and 1000’s of questions are running in your mind. Then ask your doubts from peoples on internet by making a blog of your own & starting a poll section in the blog. Many peoples are very intetested in answering the question if they know the answer. Will bring you traffic surely if the question is sensitive 😉

Some of blogs are of your kind!
Right? Hmm !

Make sure, Your content is unique and qualitative if you seriously want to earn through a blog!